marți, 17 iunie 2008

Mesaj lui Terry Davis

Dear Mr. Terry Davis,
Secretary General of Council of Europe

The Executive Board thanks you for your trust in the project achieved by the volunteers from World Organization of Talented Children (WOTC). Your kind gesture of granting your patronage to the 15th edition of this original dialogue between cultures and people, has challenged more and more the spirit of the volunteers from WOTC in their work for the benefit of their mates, of the society they live in, for a more prosperous future, for a more united Europe.

The International Festival-Contest World Talents (Little Prince) became a long-term project already known all over Europe. The 15 editions of Intercultural Dialogue are the proof of a viable project and very necessary to young generation, to European society and to this beginning of the millennium.

In the cruelest period of transition, WOTC develops every year projects that involve several countries and over 55000 young people from all the continents. Intimidated by poverty and corruption, the youth who participate in the WOTC network regain their self-trust, in people, in the future. The delegations from different countries which participated at this intercultural dialogue, at their return home are trying to achieve WOTC projects, contributing in this way at strenghtening of the World Organization of Talented Children, to the creation of an International Volunteers Network.

By this project, WOTC implements every year Child’s Rights, promote the activity of Council of Europe and UNESCO, achieves cultural politics, educational politics, minorities politics, promote a media non-contaminated by totalitarianism, promote democracy. The ambition of the WOTC leaders and their hard work made the impossible to become possible: only they could develop in 2008 without any funds an Intercultural Dialogue, for which other people spend milions. This is the proof of a perfect projet administration, of a competent team. But also a good example of fruitful collaboration between Civil Society and public administration, between Civil Society and privat sector, between Civil Society and parliament, between Civil Society from former Soviet Union and international institutions.

At the developing of the 15th edition have participated over 100 young talents, and indirect, over 5000 persons of different nations, religions, social categories from Portugal to Republic Adigeea (Russian Federation). The 15th edition was a great success of intercultural dialogue from Eastern Europe.

Today begins the preparation of the 16th edition of International Festival-Contest World Talents (Little Prince), edition dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of Council of Europe. We hope, Secretary General, to be always near the authors of this project.

The Executive Board of the World Organization of Talented Children has proposed Your candidature for the next edition of the “Person of the Year” Ceremony.

With deeply respect,
Dan and Renata Verejanu,
The leaders of the NGOs within the WOTC network

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