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Talented Children World Forum

Talented Children World Forum
has as a mastermind the International Festival-Contest of Talented Children "Little Prince" that is developed since 1993, and since 1995 worldwide. Besides this unique and original project, Talented Children World Forum is composed of several projects, that are different from year to year.
In 2001 Talented Children World Forum had the title "10000 children resolve, 2001 children communicate" Besides this Festival from 2001, The European Year of the Languages was developed and the project "I speak your language, You speak my language".
Talented Children World Forum was personally saluted by the General Secretary of the Council of Europe, Mr.Walter Schwimmer, and by the General Director of UNESCO,Mr.Koichiro Matsuura. The Forum was saluted by heads of states, civil society personalities etc. The UN Representative in Moldova had opened a special address on Internet for the children messages who participated at the Talented Children World Forum.
In 2002 the International Festival-Contest "Little Prince" has developed under the highest patronage of the General Secretary of the Council of Europe, Mr.Walter Schwimmer.
Was the most succesful edition from the artistic point of view.
The official opening of Talented Children World Forum took place on May,30th, at the National Hall, where for 3 hours thousands of spectators rised up to applaud and to salute the talent of those 300 young people of 17 nations from 12 countries. Such event wasn't seen in the concert halls.

The Little Prince Contest was developed in the most luxury hall-Club 01, Centre "Moscova", National Theatre M.Eminescu, where were all the conditions required to such an International Festival.
The Prize Awarding Ceremony was developed on a big stage in open-air from the Opera Theater Plaza, where thousands of spectators received the message of the European youth in different languages.
The Talented Children World Forum implements several politics, such are
educational politics, cultural politics, childhood politics, youth politics, minorities politics, refufees politics, Culture of Peace and Non-Violence politics.

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